Sod Laying Tips

Sometimes it is necessary to use sod on your lawn to create a lush, green landscape for your house. It is less expensive to lay sod on your own instead of paying for it, but it takes work, time and patience. Prepare the ground ahead of time, and make sure you are ready to lay the sod immediately when you get it, as sod will begin to rot if it sits in the sun.

Preparing the Soil

Weed your lawn and apply an herbicide to thwart any future growth. Clear any rocks or debris. It is smart to have the soil's pH levels tested, and you can get a kit from a local garden store. This is important; it helps you know exactly what nutrients you need to add to the soil for the sod to grow to its maximum potential. Make sure to do one last rake-over before laying the sod down so the ground is level.

Laying the Sod

Right before you lay the sod down, water the lawn area so it is soaked to about 6 inches down, which will allow the sod to root faster. Make sure to work along straight edges, and connect the edges and ends together tightly. Use a sod knife to make clean edges around trees or sprinklers, or sharp corners. Make sure to water the sod twice daily for 10 to 14 days. After about a week, the sod should be taking root and shouldn't come up easily. If it hasn't, increase how often you water the sod to three times a day.

Caring for the Sod

After your sod has rooted, keep the grass height high for the first couple cuttings, around 4 inches. After the second cutting, fertilize the sod lightly. It should be completely established after about 1 month, and then you can proceed to cut it as you normally do.

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