Herbs That Can Be Grown Indoors


An indoor herb garden makes a fantastic addition to any kitchen. When fresh herbs are grown indoors, they add aroma and color to any room. Pick the herbs right from the plant, wash them and use them in salads, soups or any dish that you want to enhance the flavor.


Start basil from seed when trying to grow it indoors. Basil loves lots of sunshine and must be kept in a bright window. Basil requires 8 or more hours of light for proper cultivation. Compensate the additional hours of needed sunlight with a grow light.


Grow sage indoors under bright lights in a growing medium with good drainage. Sage does not like a great deal of moisture. An artificial light hung about 6 inches above the plant will produce enough light for the sage to develop properly. Sage does grow slowly so it is best to start with an established plant or start one by taking cuttings from a healthy sage plant.


Choose a deep pot for growing parsley indoors. The central tap root reaches lengths of up to 10 inches during the growing season. As a biannual (produces seed every two years), start new parsley plants each year for a continuous supply for the kitchen. Parsley grown indoors requires 5 or more hours of light on a daily basis.


Grow chives in a sunny window with no drafts. They are easily propagated from seed during the winter. Cut the plants back as they grow so there will be a continuous supply of tender shoots. Even if you do not need the chives, when they reach 6 inches, cut and dry or freeze them until needed.


Plant oregano seeds in a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. Do not cover the seeds with soil. Mist the oregano seeds until the soil is damp but not wet. Add a covering of plastic film over the pot until the seeds sprout. Remove the plastic and thin the seedlings. Provide bright, not direct, light for the plant. Water at least once a week. Turn the plant frequently to allow for uniform growth.


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