Tips on Vegetable Gardening

Gardening is an enjoyable, relaxing activity that is very rewarding. Vegetable gardening is ideal because it combines regular gardening with harvesting your own food and saving money. The keys to a successful vegetable garden include planning ahead, knowing exactly what vegetables you want to plant and can plant in your region, and including flowers in your vegetable garden for some color.

Planting Vegetable Seeds

If you live in a warm environment, you can start all the vegetables from seeds. If you live in a cooler area, however, you will probably need to plant the vegetables in cartons inside first to wait for them to germinate. Pay attention to the guidelines of each vegetable and how many weeks it needs to be started indoors before buying seeds or planting them.

Raised Garden Beds

If you are a beginner gardener, one of the easiest ways to start is with a raised bed garden, especially if you are in a city and have poor soil drainage and soil composition. Building a raised garden--and filling it with soil--will help you get the perfect mixture of soil to grow your plants. One of the easiest vegetables to grow is green beans, so this might be a good vegetable to start. Bean sprout under most conditions and don't die easily.

Adding Flowers to Your Vegetable Garden

A lot of people don't realize that they can have a beautiful vegetable garden with flowers. There are several brightly colored flowers you can plant with your vegetables that will brighten up the bed as well as make it look better. These include nasturtium flowers that are edible with a peppery flavor, and tansy, a medicinal herb that attracts beneficial insects. Black-eyed peas are also very pretty and add a nice touch, while okra looks nice and can be eaten as well.

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