How to Look After Venus Flytraps


Venus fly traps are exotic, insect-eating plants that are renowned for their odd behavior. If you're been asked to look after someone's Venus fly trap, fear not--they are very self-sufficient. Looking after a Venus fly trap requires nothing more than making sure its basic needs are met.

Step 1

Make sure the Venus fly trap is located in a place where it will receive bright sunlight. It needs at least four hours of intense direct sunlight per day and 12 hours of sunlight total in order to be happy. Move the plant to the sunniest location in the house.

Step 2

Give the plant pure water. Your main job as a Venus fly trap caretaker will likely be to see that the plant has enough water. Don't give the plant tap water, as the minerals in tap water will damage the plant's roots. Instead, use pure filtered water or rain water. Keep the soil moist but not wet and refill the watering tray if the Venus fly trap sits on top of one. Water trays increase humidity.

Step 3

Skip the plant food. If you're looking after other pants that need feedings, be sure to avoid giving any of their plant food to the fly trap. Fertilizers actually do more to kill these plants than help them.

Step 4

Feed them bugs only if you're interested in seeing the process. Don't feed more than one bug per week and never feed them bugs that have been killed with poisons or pesticides.

Step 5

Avoid feeding the plant anything other than bugs. It may be interesting to watch the petals snap shut around an object, but food other than insects will likely cause the petals to rot and die. Avoid triggering the plant's snapping action with your finger as well, as this weakens the sensitivity of the plant's motion sensors.

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