How to Make a Stone Edging for a Garden

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A flower bed lined with stone edging has a high quality, formal appearance that sets it above many other types of edging. Stone edging gives a natural, finished touch and provides a barrier for keeping mulch neatly in the garden. A stone edging also makes it easier to mow around flower beds and gardens because it creates a transition area that many lawnmowers will mow along neatly. The minimal work required to lay stone edging will pay you back handsomely.

Step 1

Create a plan for the edging along the garden edge. Lay the rope down along the entire perimeter where the stone edging will be. After laying down the rope, go back and make sure you like the effect and imagine what it will look like when it is finished.

Step 2

Draw the edging line with the chalk when you are satisfied with the plan. Remove the rope as you draw the line. Measure the distance around the garden area and write down this perimeter.

Step 3

Choose your stone edging pieces. Find a style and color of stone that you like. Bring your perimeter measurement with you and figure out how many edging pieces you need to lay the edging. Divide your perimeter by the length of one stone edging piece to find the number of edging pieces you need to purchase. Buy one or two extra pieces to be safe.

Step 4

Dig out a trench for the stone edging. Make the trench as deep as the stone edging pieces are thick and as wide as the stone edging pieces are. Work carefully to ensure that the bottom of the trench is as level as possible (allowing for variations in the ground level). Make the trench along the entire perimeter of the garden.

Step 5

Pour a 1-inch layer of gravel into the trench and smooth it out so that it is level. The gravel will ensure that the stone edging sits on a solid foundation.

Step 6

Place a stone edging piece into the prepared trench. With the 1-inch gravel foundation, the edging should sit at about 1 inch above the ground. Make sure the edging piece is level and then add a second piece right beside it.

Step 7

Continue to add edging pieces, always going back to the first edging piece making sure they are even. Lay the level along the edging pieces and confirm they are even with the first edging piece. Work until the entire perimeter of the garden is finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Rope
  • Chalk
  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • Fine gravel
  • Stone edging
  • Level


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