Flowers to Be Planted in Winter Season

It is important to plant certain flower bulbs and seeds during the winter season in order for them to bloom in the spring and summer. Plant these flowers from winter through March for summer blooms. These include flowers such as begonias, calla lilies, tuberose and dahlias, to name a few. If you can't stand a barren garden until spring, there are also flowers to plant that bloom in winter, including witch hazel, pansies and certain types of roses. Check out your local plant nursery to see what native plants will grow in your area.

Late Autumn Blooms

Plant some specific flowers in summer to bloom in autumn to spice up your flower garden. Witch hazel is ideal as a winter flower and can grow up to two feet tall. Daphne evergreens also last during winter and sprout honeysuckle, and sweet olive rounds are fragrant like pumpkin pie.

Winter Bloomers

Although it may be surprising, there are a couple flowers that will bloom in the winter season. These include pansies, camellia, winter rose, hibiscus and white forsythia. These flowers provide splashes of color such as orange, pink, red or purple, and are sturdy in the cold weather.


It's important to prepare your garden in the winter for spring, as well. Planting bulbs and seeds during the cooler season will ensure they sprout up in later seasons. These include begonias, dahlias, callas, gladiolas, lilies and tigridia that will bloom in late spring and summer. For mid-spring blooms, plant Asiatic lilies, tuberose, acidanthera and liatris.

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