Starting Tomatoes From Seed


One of the easiest things to grow for gardening beginners are tomatoes from seeds. All you need to grow tomatoes from seeds is sunlight, soil mix and tomato seeds. You can start planting the tomato seeds indoors between six and eight weeks before you transfer the plants outside. Use small plastic containers that have at least 1-inch holes on the bottom for water drainage. You can purchase your tomato seeds at your local garden store or online. You can also use the seeds from a tomato after you've thoroughly washed them.

Step 1

Plant beginning in early spring using a small plastic container that strawberries and other fruits are sold in. Use a soil mixture that is half peat and half vermiculite and fill it into each plastic container. Pour 1/4 cup water over the soil to make it slightly moist.

Step 2

Plant 2 to 3 seeds for each container. Plant them 1/4-inch deep into the soil using your hand and then cover the holes with the soil. Water the seeds immediately using a 1/4 cup water for each seed.

Step 3

Place your entire container into a large plastic bag or use a lid if your container came with one. This will help to keep the soil from drying too quickly. Place your container in an area that remains around 70 degrees all of the time. For example, many gardeners will place their containers on top of a refrigerator.

Step 4

Remove the container from the plastic or cover once you notice green leaves beginning to sprout. You should see the seedling grow within three to five days. Move your container to an area the has plenty of sunlight, such as a window sill. Also make sure that your soil doesn't get too hot and the you don't let your room temperature get above 75 degrees.

Step 5

Continue watering your seeds daily or every time that the soil is extremely dry. Typically, you should use a 1/4 cup of water once or twice each day. Once you see full leaves on the plant, spread fertilizer over the soil that is high in phosphorus.


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