Front Yard Garden Ideas

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Front yard gardens accessorize your home with color and design. Consider using an assortment of blooming perennials for year-round color and evergreen shrubs for continuous greenery. You could also combine the two in one garden. To create a focal point, install a birdbath or a fountain surrounded by colorful flowers in the center of your front yard.

Birdbath Garden

Place a fountain or a birdbath in your front yard and plant flowers all around it to create a decorative focal point. Tulips, daylilies, mums and pansies will attract birds and butterflies to your front yard from early spring to early winter in cold climates or throughout the season in warmer climates. You can design the flower garden in a circle, square or rectangle to complement the shape of the fountain or birdbath.

Perennial Blooms

Increase your home's curb appeal with a front yard flower garden filled with blossoms all year long. Try tulips, daffodils and columbine for spring blooms; calla, canna and Asiatic lilies for summer blooms; mums and goldenrod for fall color, and pansies and ornamental cabbage to stave off the winter blues. Select perennials based on your horticultural hardiness zone and put down landscape fabric before you plant to help prevent weed growth. Plant flowers along your sidewalk or in front of your foundation shrubs.

Evergreen Shrubs

Create a garden filled with evergreen shrubs to frame the front of your house. Select slow-growing evergreen shrubs that will fill in the area beneath your front windows at the foundation. For example, pumilla spruce grows to a cushion shape, wider than it is tall, reaching a maximum width of 3 to 4 feet after 20 years. Heather bun is another type of shrub that will reach only 5 feet tall in 20 years, making it a good choice for the outside corner of your front yard garden. Fill in the front of the garden with a ground cover such as liriope for added design interest.

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