Rooftop Garden Ideas

Rooftop gardening is the ultimate in container-garden planning. Any number of plants can be grown in this type of garden, but the most attractive rooftop gardens are built along a theme. Themes help to create order and calm, and make your garden a more pleasant place to work and relax.

Traditional Vegetables

For the beginning rooftop gardener, a traditional vegetable garden is a good place to start. Pick your favorite vegetables to grow, choose varieties that are smaller-growing or specifically for container gardening, and start with just a few planters. Build on your collection each year, and enjoy salads and vegetables all summer.

Relaxing Flower Garden

If relaxing is more your style than producing crops, begin with one or two chaises or comfortable chairs and a table. Surround the chairs with large pots filled with sumptuous flowers. Create an all-purple garden for a royal extravaganza, or mix colors and textures for a multicolored effect. More is better with this theme, so make it look almost like too many flower planters.

Garden for Food Storage

Saving money on groceries is the theme here, and you can save some serious cash with the right planning. Pick crops that store well, through canning, freezing and drying. Container plants can still give high yields, as long as the soil is the best you can provide and you care for the plants on a regular basis. Pick food very frequently to increase the yield, and store in the refrigerator until ready to process.

Tropical Paradise

Build the ultimate getaway and you may not leave for vacation. Chairs and chaises with thick cushions, tables and coolers, and tropical plants and vines all add to a tiny vacation right on your roof. Use tall growing plants such as bamboo, and bright tropical colored flowered and hanging vines planted on high shelves or in hanging planters. Add a cool drink on a hot evening and you have the perfect tropical sunset.

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