Outdoor Water Fountain Design Ideas

There are so many ways to design an outdoor water fountain that the challenge is in making a choice, not in making the fountain. Consider a mosaic wall fountain, covered with colorful tiles and with water spurting from the center. If simplicity is more your style, make a fountain from a planter designed to spill water over its side into your garden pond. You can also create a showpiece tiered fountain with ceramic planters and white stones as a focal point in your landscape.

Mosaic Wall Fountain

For a striking design feature, add a mosaic wall fountain to your outdoor patio or along a fence line in your back yard. Mosaic tiles can be arranged in a patterned image of anything you like, or you can make your fountain in a free-form style with a jumble of color. You can use marine plywood as the backing for your fountain and a planter as the reservoir and to house the pump. Thinset mortar will hold your mosaic tiles in place; make sure that you let the grout cure for 48 hours, and then add a grout sealer for optimum protection.

Spilling Planter Fountain

Create a simple, rustic outdoor water fountain with a terra cotta planter spilling into a stream, garden pond or another terra cotta planter. Large planters work best for this fountain design, especially if you intend to place them amid foliage or in a natural woods setting. Tip one planter on its side and brace it with a large rock, or pile of rocks, so that the water will flow from the mouth of the planter into the pond, stream or planter. You can run tubing from the fountain pump inside the bottom planter or pond to the drainage hole in the bottom of the tilted planter. Camouflage the tubing with more stones or potted plants.

Tiered Planter Fountain

You can design a tiered outdoor water fountain with three colorful ceramic planters stacked, one on top of the other, with an elevation support base of bricks covered with white rocks. Your planters should be sized large, medium and small and should have drainage holes so you can easily run the plastic tubing from the fountain pump housed in the largest base planter to the smallest planter at the top. Build a brick base in the largest planter to cover the pump and to elevate and support the medium planter. Build a brick base in the medium planter to elevate and support the smallest planter. Run the tubing through the drainage holes from the pump to the top planter and seal around it with plumber's putty. Camouflage the bricks and the tubing with white rocks for an attractive outdoor fountain.

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