How to Care for Bamboo Plants Indoors


According to the ancient art of feng shui, bamboo plants attract luck, love, wealth and happiness to a home. This is in part because they thrive in household conditions and grow quickly. If you have an indoor bamboo plant, there are only a few things you need to know. These plants are hearty and strong, making them perfect for busy people or individuals who typically aren't good at caring for houseplants.

Step 1

Provide the right water conditions. Use filtered water, not tap water, because filtering removes excess amounts of chlorine and fluorine--two chemicals that can harm your bamboo. Tap water is only acceptable if those chemicals have dissipated by allowing the water to sit out in an open container for at least 48 hours.

Step 2

Provide an anchoring material. Fill the bottom of your container with rocks, marbles, small pebbles or even aquarium gavel. This provides stability for your plant and supports it so it can stand upright. This also helps encourage your bamboo to put down strong roots.

Step 3

Provide the right lighting conditions. Never place your bamboo in hot, bright sunlight. Direct sunlight causes bamboo to sunburn and will quickly ruin your plant. Bamboo needs indirect light, like the kind it can receive on a desk or table in a room with a lot of natural light. You should never see sun rays beating down on your bamboo.

Step 4

Know how and when to feed your plant. If you feed your bamboo plant with the same regularity as you feed other houseplants, you will surely kill it. Bamboo plants only need fed every six to 12 months. One to two drops of aquarium plant food is best, but one or two drops of house plant food diluted, or 10 parts water to one part plant food, will work, too. Add the food to fresh water during a water change.

Step 5

Change the water and clean the container often. Completely change the water every one to two weeks, which includes rinsing out the container and the anchoring materials. Be careful not to break your plant's roots as you remove it from the rocks and water.

Step 6

Prune correctly. Never remove more than one-third of your bamboo at any given time, and always allow at least a week in between pruning for recovery and healing. Clip the top of your bamboo plants with sharp pruning shears. Make your cut above the node (the rings) of your plant and pinch back leaves with our fingers.

Things You'll Need

  • Filtered water
  • Rocks, marbles or gravel
  • Aquarium plant food


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