Plants That Do Well in Pots

Plants in containers or pots are easy to care for, and make it easy to transport from one area to another. There are many types of plants that do very well in containers. These include herbs, fruits and vegetables, flowers, bulbs, trees and shrubs and variety plants. Decide which type of plant you would like to try raising in a pot, gather your supplies and watch your mini-garden grow.


This herb is strong, slightly bitter and adds a flavorful accent to foods such as stuffing, poultry and pork sausage. It is a perennial, and loves the sun. Because of its nature, if over-watered, it can develop mildew problems. It's best to start sage from seed or cuttings as it is a slow growing plant at first, but soon picks up the pace. It will possibly need to be transplanted in late spring. The first year, harvest only lightly, finishing before September. After the second year, pick the leaves either before or at blooming, usually around midsummer. After the sage blooms, cut back the stems.


Spinach makes a good potted plant. Use good quality soil with adequate nitrogen. Plant in very early spring, planning for additional sowings so that you can harvest throughout the year. You can harvest spinach at any time the leaves look ready. Inner leaves will continue to grow and produce more spinach when the outer leaves are picked.


The South American lantana is another good potted plant. With a blooming season from summer to fall, it produces orange, pink and yellow blooms that thrive in full sun. Lantana prefers well-drained soil, but it is drought tolerant. It reaches a height of 6 to 12 inches, and is a good plant to attract butterflies.

Black Bamboo

Black bamboo is a favorite ornamental in Chinese and Japanese gardens. The tall, graceful rods add instant atmosphere to any location. It has very appealing dark columns that appear black with green foliage. Black bamboo does not do well in wind, and temperatures below 10 degrees F will damage the foliage. Place this plant in a protected area. In order to have a dormant period, place the potted black bamboo in a cool place in the winter.

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