Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath - Garden Basics - Flower - Annual

(Gypsophila muralis)

Baby's breath does well in borders, rock gardens, or planted among the roses. It has an exceptionally long bloom time, lasting from early summer to early autumn in most areas. It does best planted in groups, and will go from seed to flower in 8 to 12 weeks. Provide protection from strong winds and add compost or manure to the soil for stronger flowers. Pull up the plants as soon as the flowers fade. Baby's breath dries well, and is an excellent background in arrangements.

  • Type
  • Propagation
  • Light
    full sun
  • Flower Color
    white, pink
  • Bloom Time
    mid spring to mid summer
  • Height
    26-36 inches
  • Width
    6-12 inches
  • Soil Requirements
    neutral pH, average moisture
  • Zones
  • Uses
    bed, border, cutflowers, dried

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