How to Make a Vegetable Garden Box


A great way to grow vegetables in your yard without digging everything up is to make a vegetable garden box, also known as a raised bed. With a garden box your soil often warms faster for seeds and seedlings, and experiences fewer weeds. However, because you are lifting the growing surface of your plants, you'll want to ensure your vegetable plants receive enough water to grow productively and give you a bountiful harvest. Once you have your supplies, building your box shouldn't take more than an hour, and then you'll be ready to plant.

Step 1

Rest two of the posts 6 feet apart on the ground. Set a 6-foot long 2-by-6 over the posts running perpendicular to the posts.

Step 2

Adjust the board so that the ends of the board are flush with the sides of the posts on each end with 4 inches of post sticking out passed the bottom edge of the board.

Step 3

Drill two screws about 2 inches apart through the board and into the post on each end to secure. Repeat with the other two posts and 6-foot long board. Each of these creates a side to the box.

Step 4

Stand up the side units 4 feet apart with the 4-inch excess of post sticking up. Place a 4-foot board at each end to enclose the box.

Step 5

Arrange the end boards so they are flush along the bottom with the cut ends of the 4-foot boards flush with the sides of the side boards. Screw into place with two screws spaced 2 inches apart connecting the end boards to the posts.

Step 6

Dig to remove sod from a 4-by-6-foot area. Create a shallow 2-inch trench all the way around the area for the 2-by-6 boards to sit into with 4-inch deep holes at each corner.

Step 7

Flip the garden box over and place it over the dug area with the excess post facing down. Check that the box is level and fill in the garden box with your preferred soil.

Tips and Warnings

  • While you can adjust the size of your garden box to suit your needs, never let the box become wider than 4 feet or you may find weeding, harvesting and other general maintenance to be difficult. A width of 4 feet allows you to comfortably reach 2 feet into the box from each side without overreaching and causing injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Four 4-by-4-inch posts, 10 inches long
  • Two 2-by-6-inch cedar boards, 6 feet long
  • Galvanized screws, 4 inches long
  • Drill
  • Two 2-by-6-inch cedar boards, 4 feet long
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Soil


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