How to Grow Purslane Indoors

Purslane makes a nutritious indoor plant. image by Pellaea:


Purslane has been considered a weed that many vegetable gardeners have struggled for years to remove from their gardens. Recently, they've gained a lot of fame for their high vitamin C and Omega 3 content. Purslane is a hardy plant that can easily be grown indoors throughout the year. Once your plant begins growing, you can break off leaves to add to with other vegetables for meals.

Step 1

Collect your seeds by buying them online or gather the black seeds from the seed pods of wild purslane. The plant grows in abundance in most regions.

Step 2

Fill your plant pot with rich potting soil. You can add soil from your home compost bin as fertilizer.

Step 3

Sprinkle a small handful of the seeds evenly over the top of the soil.

Step 4

Rake your fingers gently through the soil to cover the seeds.

Step 5

Water the seeds so that the soil is moist, but not soggy.

Step 6

Keep the soil moist with water each day while the seed is germinating. Purslane will begin growing within two weeks.

Step 7

Keep your plant in a sunny location. Give the plant just enough water to keep the soil moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Purslane seed
  • Plant pot
  • Potting soil
  • Compost fertilizer


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