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Growing your own vegetables can be rewarding and can save you money, too. Watching the plants develop from seeds into mature, flourishing plants bearing delicious treats is truly an amazing accomplishment. Caring for your vegetable garden requires certain tools for tasks you will need to perform. Select tools to make your vegetable gardening easier and purchase good quality ones, which will last for a long time when properly taken care of.

Garden Hoe and Rake

Garden hoes help prepare and till the dirt, plus remove weeds later on. These come in numerous shapes, colors and sizes. Choose a hoe specially made to prevent back troubles, if this is something you are concerned about. You will need a garden rake often as it's used to clear leaves, level the dirt, get rid of rocks and cover over newly planted seeds.

Spade and Flat Shovel

Digging in your garden is a lot easier with the right style of shovel. A spade shovel has a sharp edge that makes this task simple. The distinct design of it can quickly break up the dirt. Flat shovels come in handy when it is time to add mulch, so it is a good idea to have one of these in your shed, too.

Gloves and Kneeling Pads

Protecting your hands while you are caring for your vegetables calls for a good pair of gardening gloves. These are available in various styles of lightweight cloth or heavy-duty leather. Investing in a good quality kneeling pad or kneepads is also recommended. These will protect your knees and keep you comfortable while you are doing routine maintenance such as weeding or planting vegetables.

Trowels and Seed Trays

Hand trowels are efficient and can often be used when working with single plantings where a shovel would be ineffective. Find one (or more) that has a well-built handle and steel blade. Using seed trays to plant seeds is cost effective, since you can save money starting many of your vegetables this way instead of buying starter plants. This also allows you to start your vegetables indoors, earlier than if you had to wait for warmer weather.

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