Growing Lucky Bamboo


It doesn't take much to get your lucky bamboo to grow. This hearty and low-maintenance plant grows fast and requires little care. Still, the few needs lucky bamboo plants have are specific and important. Paying special attention to the water, nutrient and light needs of your plant will go far to ensuring that you get to enjoy it for a long time.

Step 1

Choose the best container. Glass containers allow you to easily monitor the water levels and root growth of your plant with a single glance, so they're good for novice growers. Unfortunately, glass containers allow light in, which encourages algae growth, so you'll need to change your water and clean your container more often. Ceramic containers don't foster algae growth, but they require that you more actively manage your plant's growing conditions.

Step 2

Use only high-quality water. Filtered water doesn't contain the same high levels of chlorine, fluorine and other treatment chemicals as tap water. Bamboo plants are sensitive to these chemicals. If you don't have filtered water, give the plants tap water that has been sitting in an open container for at least two days. This will allow some of the chemicals to evaporate. Change the water every seven to 14 days.

Step 3

Use only indirect light. Lucky bamboo can get sunburned if you place it in a bright window. If your bamboo plant's leaves begin to turn yellow, it's a warning sign that its getting too much light. Places like tables or counter tops in rooms with at least one window usually are sufficient.

Step 4

Go easy on the plant food. Lucky bamboo only needs to be fed once or twice per year. It also can't tolerate plant food at full strength. If you use houseplant food, you need to dilute it to a strength of 10 parts water and one part fertilizer. Use a few drops of undiluted aquarium plant food instead for convenience. Always feed during a water change.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass or ceramic container
  • Filtered water
  • Plant food
  • Marbles, river rocks or gravel (optional)


  • Care of Lucky Bamboo
  • Lucky Bamboo Care Sheet
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