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A garden path adds character to any landscape. Create a meandering path through or around your garden with stepping stones you can make yourself, flagstones separated by aromatic herbs or clean, white crushed gravel lined with colorful blossoms.

Stepping Stones

Make your own stepping stones for your garden path with colorful glass stones and decorative ceramic tiles. You can customize the shape and colors for your garden path with easy-to-use plastic molds from the craft store and Quickrete Sand mix. You can create as many stones as you need for your garden path, each one different from the last but with the same color scheme to tie them all together. To make the stones, mix the mortar to the consistency of peanut butter, apply a commercially available release agent to the mold and pour the mortar. Tap the surface with your hands to help remove the trapped air bubbles, and then decorate the top as you like. When the mortar is dry, your stepping stones will be ready to decorate your pathway.


For a naturally beautiful garden path, consider flagstone pavers separated by low-growing herbs such as thyme or prostrate rosemary. To ensure that your flagstone garden path is even, excavate the pathway before you place the flagstone. You might also consider adding a layer of weed-prevention membrane to help keep your garden path relatively maintenance free. You can cut slits in the fabric to plant your herbs, and then add a layer of pebbles or mulch around the stones and the plants for moisture retention and to hide the landscape fabric.

Crushed Gravel

Create a simple garden path with a layer of crushed stone flanked by flowering perennials. You can alternate your flower rows with tulip bulbs for springtime color and day lilies for summer blossoms. Excavate the pathway, roll out the weed membrane and cover it with crushed white stones for a crisp garden path. Separate the gravel path from the flower border with pavers or other decorative edging material.

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