How to Care for Hanging Baskets

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Baskets of flowers hanging from porches, along decks and from shepherd hooks in a yard provide beauty and color to the outside of a home. Many types of plants are well suited for hanging baskets. Put together different plant combinations to add lovely décor to your outdoor landscaping. Be sure you maintain your hanging baskets properly to keep them looking beautiful throughout the entire growing season. With adequate fertilizer and water, most hanging baskets will stay lovely from spring to autumn.

Step 1

Choose a hanging location with proper sun exposure for the plants in the hanging baskets. Hang baskets filled with flowers needing full sun in locations that receive at least six hours of sun each day. Hang baskets filled with flowers needing partial sun or partial shade in locations where the sun moves over the area and the amount of direct sunlight is not more than approximately three hours each day. Hang baskets filled with flowers needing full shade in locations where no direct sunlight falls on the area at all during the day.

Step 2

Hang the baskets outside only when the overnight temperatures will not dip below 50 F to protect the flowers from chilly temperatures.

Step 3

Water hanging baskets daily in the morning with the watering wand. Try to saturate the soil and not the foliage of the plants. Water the hanging baskets until water escapes through the drainage holes under the planting containers. Give more water to baskets that are hanging in full sun because they will dry out more quickly.

Step 4

Fertilize the hanging baskets every other week. Fertilize them first when you plant the basket, then fertilize following the recommended doses for the container size on the fertilizer package.

Step 5

Monitor the health of the plants in the baskets. If they are showing signs of stress from too much sun exposure (such as scorched leaves), move the baskets to a more shaded location. If the plants look long and thin, move the baskets to a sunnier location.

Step 6

Remove the flowers as they finish blooming to keep the plant healthy and looking neat. Consider pruning the plants at least once during the growing season to keep the plants from becoming too large for the container.

Things You'll Need

  • Hanging baskets
  • Hose with watering wand
  • Fertilizer (10-20-10)
  • Garden shears


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