How to Care for Hanging Plants

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Outdoors or in, hanging baskets full of bright flowers and lush green foliage bring colors to porches and rooms. Often lushly filled when first purchased, the plants may fade rather quickly if proper care isn't taken. Seasonal or annual baskets should stay colorful well into fall. While specific care depends on the type of plant in the hanging basket as detailed on the care label or tag, there are certain things you can do that prolong the life and beauty of any hanging arrangement.

Step 1

Water daily as needed. Hanging baskets dry out faster than garden beds and containers. Water in the cooler morning hours using a wand or watering can. Avoid wetting leaves, as this will burn them in the daytime heat.

Step 2

Hang the plant where it receives the recommended daily sunlight. Check the care label for recommendations. You may need to relocate the basket as days get longer or shorter to avoid wilting or leaf burning.

Step 3

Fertilize as often as necessary. Since hanging plants require more frequent watering, nutrients are flushed from the baskets quicker than in other planting arrangements. Apply a liquid plant fertilizer every two weeks or use a timed-release fertilizer every two months or as recommended on the fertilizer packaging.

Step 4

Deadhead flowers often to encourage prolific blooming. Grasp the flower stem beneath the spent bloom and 1/4 inch above the nearest set of leaves between your forefinger and thumb. Pinch off the spent bloom and discard. Check baskets weekly during blooming periods for blooms to remove in order to avoid seeds from being set.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid heavy evening watering, as this may cause the roots to rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering can
  • Fertilizer


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