How to Care for Anaheim Pepper Plants


Anaheim peppers are the hot peppers traditionally used to make chile rellenos. For this dish, they are stuffed with a seasoned cheese or meat mixture, coated with batter and deep-fried. Anaheim peppers are one of the mildest varieties of hot peppers and are often called California peppers. They form cone-shaped green fruits up to 10 inches long and mature to a deep red color. All peppers develop more flavor as they mature, although they are still very flavorful when picked and eaten while green.

Step 1

Plant peppers in full sun in the hottest part of your garden. Anaheim peppers are native to tropical America and will grow and thrive best when they receive as much sun as possible.

Step 2

Water well, but not too much. Provide your Anaheim peppers with the equivalent of an inch of water per week. Overwatering can cause the flowers to drop off before they set fruit.

Step 3

Fertilize when planting with an all-purpose granulated fertilizer applied according to the manufacturer's recommended amount. When the fruit begins to form, feed again with a fertilizer specially formulated for vegetables. Fertilize either by watering with a water-soluble fertilizer or by adding a granulated fertilizer to the soil around the plant and scratching into the soil.

Step 4

Harvest the first few peppers that the plant produces. This will encourage the plant to produce more. Leave a few peppers produced during the second half of the growing season on the plant to mature to red and develop more flavor.

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  • Care for Anaheim pepper plants
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