How to Take Care of a Lucky Bamboo Plant


Taking care of a lucky bamboo plant is easy. In fact, lucky bamboo is one of the hardiest houseplants you can bring into your home. Aside from needing very little care and being able to thrive in a variety of conditions (including a little bit of neglect), it's also said to bring lucky energy into your home. Feng Shui experts have been placing it in people's living spaces for centuries to attract love, luck, wealth and harmony.

Step 1

Change your water every two weeks. Stagnant water can harbor excessive amounts of bacteria, algae and pathogens that can rot your plant's root system. Also keep your water level consistent. It should cover the bottom 2 to 3 inches of your bamboo plant.

Step 2

Use filtered water. Tap water contains chemicals that can harm your plant. Using filtered water will help your plant thrive. If you do not have access to a water filter, use bottled water or tap water that has been allowed to sit for 24 to 48 hours.

Step 3

Change containers. If you notice a lot of algae build-up in your glass container, transfer your bamboo to a ceramic container. This will block more sunlight and stave off algae formation.

Step 4

Keep out of direct sunlight. Lucky bamboo grows best in indirect sunlight, such as the kind it receives on a desk or coffee table. Placing it in a very sunny spot, like a south-facing window sill will literally cause your plant to get sunburn.

Step 5

Fertilize sparingly. Lucky bamboo is very strong and doesn't need regular feedings. Once or twice per year you can fertilize your plant by adding a few drops of aquarium plant food. You also can add houseplant food that has been diluted with 10 parts water to one part fertilizer. Less is more when it comes to feeding lucky bamboo. Never feed more than a few drops and never feed more frequently than every two to three months. Yearly is usually sufficient.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass or ceramic container
  • Filtered water
  • Aquarium plant food


  • How to Choose and Care for Lucky Bamboo by Stephanie Roberts
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