How to Plant Johnny Jump Ups

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Johnny jump-ups are a popular wildflower also known as viola tricolors. Grow these sweet, low-growing purple and yellow flowers in virtually every part of the U.S. Johnny jump-ups tolerate either full sun or part shade and grow easily in almost any type of well-draining soil. In cold regions, plant Johnny jump-ups two weeks prior to the last spring frost and plant Johnny jump-ups in the late summer for warm regions.

Step 1

Prepare the growing area by working the soil to break up hard pieces of dirt. Discard any rocks. Add compost to improve the soil drainage, if necessary.

Step 2

Insert your finger into the soil in the desired planting spots to make planting holes. Space the holes 1 inch apart.

Step 3

Place a seed in each hole and cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil, approximately 1/8-inch thick.

Step 4

Water the seeds well and keep the soil moist during germination.

Step 5

Watch for the seedlings to emerge from the soil in approximately two weeks. When the seedlings are 1/2-inch high, thin them to 4-inch spacing between plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Johnny jump-up seeds
  • Garden spade
  • Compost
  • Water


  • Johnny Jump-Ups
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