How to Plant Thyme in a Small Pot

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Thyme, related to mint, can be grown in indoor or outdoor herb gardens. Thyme grows well in most gardening zones but must be brought in during harsh winters. It also has a tendency to overtake nearby gardening beds so pot planting helps contain the creeping herb. Grow it in a pot near the kitchen so you always have this handy culinary herb nearby. Thyme is primarily used to season meat dishes and hearty soups and stews.

Step 1

Plan your thyme sowing for late February to have healthy plants in late spring.

Step 2

Fill a 5- to 8-inch gardening pot with light potting soil. Use a pot with plenty of drainage.

Step 3

Sow seeds directly on surface of soil, then sprinkle a light covering of soil on top. Plant three to five seeds in the pot to ensure at least one germinates.

Step 4

Keep soil moist but not soggy. Keep in a warm sunny window.

Step 5

Remove all the seedlings but one from the pot. Choose the largest, healthiest-appearing seedling to remain.

Step 6

Transplant in the garden if desired after danger of frost has passed. Plant each thyme plant 18 inches apart.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid overwatering, which can kill your thyme plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot
  • Soil
  • Thyme seeds


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