How to Grow the Venus Flytrap


The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that feeds on small insects. The plants are native only to wet parts of North and South Carolina. They are easy to plant and will grow nicely if you provide them with humidity, proper light and plenty of bugs to eat. You can buy small plants from online sources or you can grow them from bulbs or rhizomes.

Step 1

Put about two inches of potting soil into a terrarium. (See reference 1.)

Step 2

With the spoon or your fingers, dig a hole in the soil for each plant. Each hole should be just a little wider than the Venus flytrap bulb or the root ball of the plant, and a little less deep than the bulb or root ball is tall.

Step 3

If you're planting bulbs, turn them root-side down.

Step 4

If you're planting Venus flytrap plants, set them into their holes so that the green stems that start just above the roots are even with the top of the holes. (See photo in reference 2.) If you're planting bulbs, set them down into the holes, making sure that the tops of the bulbs are even with the tops of the holes.

Step 5

Fill in each hole with soil around the base of each plant or bulb.

Step 6

Water your Venus flytraps well.

Step 7

If you keep your terrarium inside, feed your plants two houseflies or slugs apiece each month. If you keep them outside, the plants will attract enough insects to thrive without your help.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't add fertilizer or lime to the potting soil. Don't feed your Venus flytraps hamburger instead of insects. This can cause rot and can kill your plants. In the summer, make sure your flytraps aren't getting too hot. If they start to wilt, move the terrarium out of the sun.

Things You'll Need

  • Venus flytraps---either plants or bulbs or rhizomes
  • Glass terrarium or container---an aquarium or fish bowl will work well
  • Potting soil containing sand and sphagnum moss
  • Spoon
  • Water


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