How to Kill Moles in Your Lawn


Moles are animals that live underground and wreak havoc with lawns and gardens. Moles are rodent-like and travel around the lawn and garden in tunnels. The soil is torn up as they eat the roots of vegetables, small trees and flowers. Commercial pesticides are available. However, home remedies are better for the environment.


Step 1

Detect where the mole lives by following the tunnels until the curved section is located. Moles live in the curved part of the shape and use the straight lines as tunnels.

Step 2

Use a rod, handle of a hoe or rake to poke a hole in the curved area. The open area under the ground where the mole lives will be detected as the rod or handle suddenly encounters an open space.

Step 3

Remove the rod or handle and pour 12-15 pieces of dry, long-grain rice into the hole. Replace the soil loosely back over the hole.

Step 4

Continue to the next tunnel and repeat until all the tunnels are treated. The moles will eat the rice but they will not be able to digest it. The rice swells and prevents the mole from defecating. After two to three days, the moles will die.

Step 5

Avoid any moles that seem to be aggressive. This may indicate rabies, in which case a professional pest exterminator needs to be consulted.

Tips and Warnings

  • Consult a professional pest removal service if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Dry, long-grain rice
  • Metal rod or handle

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