How to Grow Cilantro Indoors

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Cilantro is an herb used in Mexican food and salsas. It is usually grown outdoors but can be grown indoors with extra care. Nurseries will have seeds and small plants for sale. Grocery and discount stores will usually have only seeds year-round. Cilantro is a fast growing herb.


Step 1

Ensure the unglazed terra cotta planter has several holes in the bottom for good drainage. Cilantro does not need to have the roots sitting in soggy soil.

Step 2

Place an equal amount of potting soil and sand in the planter. The sand lets the plant breathe easier by making the potting soil less dense.

Step 3

Press the seeds just under the surface of the soil and scattered throughout the top surface of the soil. If planting small plants, dig a small hole in the soil just large enough to transplant the cilantro and its accompanying soil. Press the potting soil firmly around the plant to remove air bubbles.

Step 4

Water the cilantro until it comes out the holes in the bottom of the planter. Cilantro only requires water when the top soil has dried out. Set the plant in a sunny location that will receive four to five hours of sun a day.

Step 5

Fertilize the cilantro with a liquid fertilizer or plant food at 1/2 concentration twice a week during the growing period. Cilantro requires added nutrients in order to grow indoors.

Step 6

Pinch off the growing tips of the plant and any seeds to make the cilantro plant bush out and grow larger. When harvesting, take care not to pull the plant out of the pot by only pinching off the amount needed for fresh cooking. Pinch off as much as needed to dry by either drying on the counter top or dehydrating according your dehydrator directions.

Things You'll Need

  • Cilantro seeds or small plants
  • Unglazed terra cotta planter
  • Potting soil
  • Sand
  • Liquid fertilizer

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