How to Kill Weeds in a Vegetable Garden


Weeds are a problem for all gardeners, both novices and experts. Killing weeds in your vegetable garden takes time and effort, but by paying careful attention, you can help to keep your vegetable garden weed free for weeks at a time, possibly even forever, depending on the method that you use.

Step 1

Manually remove all weeds by hand out of your vegetable garden. Although it is time consuming, it is effective and organic. You must remove all weeds by the roots to keep them from coming back.

Step 2

Boil water and pour it on your weeds in order to kill the weed and the seeds. Be careful to not pour boiling water on the vegetables.

Step 3

Add mulch to your vegetable garden. Mulch will literally smother and kill weeds. Mulch also helps to retain water and nutrients in the soil.

Step 4

Spray vinegar on weeds, being careful not to spray your vegetable plants.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear eye and hand protection when dealing with any kind of chemicals.


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