Stone Landscaping Ideas


Landscape design is a decorative art used to enhance a setting. It can set the tone for a landscape and make it a more inviting scene. This is achieved through many innovations, including gardening and artful statues. Stones make a lovely and natural addition to any landscape. Numerous stone landscaping ideas can be incorporated in a landscaping design theme.

Stone Waterfalls

One of the most creative stone landscaping ideas is a stone waterfall, built by stacking stones around a small pond in graduated sizes to create a small series of descending walls. Then you add a pump to circulate the water for the waterfall. You can enhance further by planting flowers and shrubs around the stone waterfall, creating a tropical theme, a desert theme or a romantic theme, depending on climate. For a tropical beach theme, plant a small palm tree at the edge of the waterfall that gently shades it. To create a desert theme, scatter cactus plants about the stones. To create a romantic theme, add a rose trellis with the stones. There are endless customized style possibilities for a stone waterfall.

Stone Flower Beds

Gardening can be combined with stone landscaping techniques. You can create raised flower beds using stones or build a garden in a circular stone flower bed, square bed, or any shape you choose. A popular idea is a circular stone flower bed around the base of a tree. Another is to add a rectangular bed along the side of a house. Yet another is to create three or four small, circular flower beds filled with wildflowers in various locations of an empty yard. Arrange the stones in alternating colors, shades, and hues or blend textures of different stones, such as coquina and limestone to add contrast. A stone flower bed adds charm and life to a landscape making it a lovely place to enjoy a conversation, sip a cup of tea or peruse a book. In addition, it provides your landscape with a whimsical appeal. To achieve a medieval royal courtyard effect, stack stones high to create a wall on one side of a square or rectangular flower bed. Allow ivy to climb up the wall, and plant roses in the bed. This gives your landscape the atmosphere of a royal courtyard.

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