What Are Good Plants for Hanging Baskets?

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Hanging baskets filled with thriving plants are an attractive addition to the outside yard area of any home. When hanging baskets are placed on porches, along garden walkways, around a deck or in other common areas, a yard can be given beautiful color and gardening style. Annual plants that trail down and spill over the edges of the hanging baskets look especially appealing.

Wave Petunia

Wave Petunias grow well in hanging baskets because they readily spill over the sides of the hanging basket and trail down attractively. Wave Petunias grow large blossoms that come in bright reds, pinks and purple hues. You can pinch back the Wave Petunias on the top of the plants to encourage them to cascade down from the hanging basket.

Sweet Potato Vine

The Sweet Potato Vine grows an attractive trailing vine that is well suited for containers and hanging baskets. The Sweet Potato Vine is a lovely addition to a hanging basket that also contains plants with vibrant blooms, because these vines will quietly spill down from the basket without detracting from the colorful blossoms of the other plants. The gardener can pinch back the vines to encourage the growth shape desired. Hanging baskets with Sweet Potato Vines will do best when hung in full sun.


Fuchsias are a popular and attractive annual plant for hanging baskets. Place a colorful Fuchsia hanging basket in a shady spot and make sure to keep the soil evenly moist; it will grow happily and abundantly. An added benefit of growing Fuchsias in hanging baskets is the likelihood that they will attract hummingbirds because of their bold colors and sweet blossoms.

Trailing Verbena

Trailing Verbena is well suited for hanging baskets because it will grow to cascade as much as 2 feet below the basket. Trailing Verbena will provide showy blossoms almost continuously throughout the summer. Trailing Verbena is available in all of the typical flower colors, and the small clusters give off a pleasing aroma. Trailing Verbena hanging baskets should be placed in full sun for best results, but they can also be hung in part sun or even a shady spot and they will grow adequately.


Annual Lobelia plants can be an ideal addition to a hanging basket because they can grow to be several feet in length. Lobelia has tiny blossoms that can be white or a shade of blue. Lobelia plants blossom in the late spring and early summer and are known for attracting butterflies.

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