Installing A Lily Pond, Page 5

Installing A Lily Pond, Page 5

Landscape and Finish Off

Once you have the pond filled with water and the liner is settled, you need to trim the liner. Fold the liner over the lip of the pond and, using a pair of scissors, trim around the edge of the pond. You should leave some extra material around the edge, do not trim it too close.

Now it is time to landscape. Regardless of whether you have a multi-tiered pond, stone is a favorite material for landscaping the pond and hiding the liner. Start laying the stone around the perimeter. If you are laying the stone on the liner at any point, use flat rocks and avoid placing sharp points against the liner. Pile the rocks over the liner and make a short wall around the pond.

It is a good idea to at this point to put pond plants into the pond and let them stabilize. Wait about 5 days to put fish into the pond.


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