Installing A Lily Pond, Page 4

Installing A Lily Pond, Page 4

Install the Liner

Once you have the hole properly excavated, layout the pond liner. For this step, it is necessary to have someone help you get the liner into the hole without knocking all of the carpet from the walls of the pond.

Position one person at each end of the liner, lift it up and place it in the hole. Take off your shoes and get down into the hole. Flatten out the liner as much as possible and carefully fold it so that it goes around the corners of the pond smoothly. Alternatively, you can simply plop the liner into the hole, start filling it and wait for the water to flatten the liner. We prefer to smooth the liner by hand. This normally makes it easier to conceal the liner later.

Regardless of the method that you use, once the liner is in the hole, fill the pond up about 1/4 of the way. Carefully inspect the bottom of the pond for bumps. If you see any, lift the liner (keeping the water on the inside) and remove the debris. After everything on the bottom looks good, continue filling the pond and, from time to time, pull up on the edges of the liner to make sure that it settles into the corners. As the water fills the pond, it will force the liner against the walls of the pond, continue to monitor the liner for bumps that show up and remove the offending object.

After the pond is filled with water, it is a good idea to go ahead and get into the water (it's cold!) and smooth the liner out.

After the liner is squared away, treat the water to remove the chlorine. There are several commercial products available for this and they normally have instructions with them. Let the water sit overnight.


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