Strategies for the Small Vegetable Garden

Strategies for the Small Vegetable Garden

Here are some ideas to help you get more vegetables from a small garden space.

  • Grow your garden up. Place vining vegetables like cucumbers on a trellis. Grow pole beans rather than bush beans -- you'll get three times the yield from the same space.

  • Make use of spot gardens. These are sunny spots where you can plant a few vegetables. Salad greens are ideal for spot gardens.

  • Don't plant too much of one vegetable. Two zucchini plants will produce more than enough.

  • Choose tomato and pepper varieties that produce small fruit. The smaller the size of the fruit, the more fruit the plant will produce.

  • Interplant fast maturing crops such as lettuce, spinach and radishes with slower crops such as beans, squash and melons. By the time the slow crop grows to fill the space, the quick crop will be harvested.

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