Rock Hygenics: The Healing of Self Through Rock Gardening

Rock Hygenics: The Healing of Self Through Rock Gardening

&nbspRock Hygienics:
The Healing of Self Through Rock Gardening

By Michele Slabbert of The Herb Emporium (herbemp(at)

From ancient times come rituals and symbolism with which to communicate with Mother Earth. Powerful natural energies were raised which influenced, and still influence us, each day, as we go about our lives. There is a sacred geometry governing the earth; temples were built and meetings were held where earth energy was at its most powerful.

Fast flowing water generates a magnetic field; underground water generates a greater magnetic field than surface water. Groups of standing stones were placed in such a way as to link with each other through contact with the underground water channels, usually were streams cross. The stones were set within an eternally coiling and uncoiling spiral, which corresponds with the phases of the moon. This spiralling is very prevalent in primitive art.

Rocks with a high quartz content have been used for millennia as rain stones, divining stones or healing stones. Granite, sandstone and dolomite were amongst the other stones that were used. Quartz vibrates at extremely rapid frequencies when influenced by an electric field and when put under pressure can also produce its own current. When underground water meets with the base of a standing stone it creates an impact, which generates energy. In certain rituals, rocks were beaten to tap into the earth energy.

Quartz rocks were thrown into wells as offerings to the earth spirits and slivers were placed in graves to speed the spirit on its journey. Traditional healers will in certain instances powder quartz and include this is herbal remedies to give one the power of cosmic energy.

It is not always possible to find the exact rocks to use. When on the lookout for rocks to start your own rock garden allow the rocks to speak to you and your decision will be made easier. I have used granite, sandstone and quartz type rocks and am continually placing rocks in various parts of the gardens to harness energies. As we live in an underground catchment area there are numerous streams running under our property. Under our house alone we have 7 streams and in 2 areas they cross. In studies done in Europe it has been proven that rheumatism and arthritis are worsened when you sleep over crossing water. Only bee's benefit from this experience - it increases their honey production. As you progress through the making of your rock/herb garden your energy will release and a wonderful interaction will begin to take place.

An example of a rock garden layout

Each day is represented by a colour (of your own choosing). If you enjoy poetry a different favourite poet for each day; if flowers plant by colour i.e. white roses, chamomile, daisies, feverfew, white yarrow, basil etc for your white day; the possibilities are endless. First do your layout and spend each day walking to your centre by the day represented and watch your garden grow.

Water piping can be used to create the underground flow. If you know a water diviner perhaps he/she would check for water on your property and advise. It is not a good idea to have a pump close to this area as you want as little noise as possible, other than your own ponderings. Notice in the diagram that the stones are placed where the streams cross over each other. If making a circle put a stake in the ground, tie a piece of string to it and at length of the string walk in a circle and there you have it.

We are not making our own Stonehenge with all its powerful forces, but our own corner of Self where we can grow and enjoy in full our time in the physical.

Red Confidence, purpose, illumination, beginning
Orange Balance, success, energy, unity
Yellow Creativity, discipline, life
Green Growth, beauty, change, solitude, faith
Blue Truth, healing, tranquillity, understanding
Purple Wisdom, power, knowledge, reason
White Spiritual

You are an experience and this is what you need to see yourself as. Your special sacred site will be your place of meditation and self-study.

Place rocks in 4 directions
They can represent:

  • Spirit, Emotion, Physical, Mental
  • North, East, West, South
  • Fire, Earth, Water, Air

This is your personal choice, we do each have our own.

Design your rock/herb garden for each day of the week
Perhaps your centre place could have your corresponding astrological herb or flower.

Aquarius - Elderberry
Pisces - Rosehip
Aries - Rosemary
Taurus - Thyme
Gemini- -Lavender
Cancer- -Jasmine
Leo - Marigold
Virgo - Fennel
Libra - Violets
Scorpio - Basil
Sagittarius - Sage
Capricorn - Comfrey

Here are some herbs, flowers and trees to consider planting. Scent and colour bring peace and harmony. Here are a few examples of flower essence energies that you can consider interplanting in your specially chosen place for each day.

Aloes balance of creative forces
Arum Lily correction of imbalances
Azalea development of personal strength
Basil integration of sexual & spiritual
Bay Tree energy
Borage optimism and courage
Bottle Brush individual and community stress
Calendula warmth
Chamomile serenity
Cosmos improving of expressions
Evening Primrose warmth and commitment
Hawthorne love
Hibiscus gathering of creative energy
Honeysuckle letting go of the past
Lavender refined awareness
Mullein strong conscience
Rock Rose confronting inner fears
St Johns Wort illuminating consciousness
Wild Dagga for negative or addictive behaviour
Wild Garlic aura protection
Yarrow clearing emotional boundaries

There are many more flowers, herbs and trees that can be used. Bear in mind that you are using the outer essence i.e. the scent of these plants and they will not have the impact ingesting the flower essences would have. I use wild garlic all around my workroom area and which ever way the wind is blowing, the scent pervades the entire area.

Here are a few more plants to consider for their scent and beauty:-

Agapanthus Celery Clivias Cornflowers
Daffodils Frangipani Fuchsia Jasmine
Lemon Tree Lemon Balm Lemon Verbena Marigolds
Marjoram Mints Myrtle Nasturtiums
Nicotiana Pansies Parsley Plumbago
Pompon Tree Proteas Red Hot Poker Rosemary
Scented geraniums Scented roses Snapdragon Strelitzia
Sunflowers Sweet Peas Wild Rosemary Yarrow
Zimbabwe creeper      

"Words are feelings, feelings are thoughts, thoughts are emotions, emotions are energy, energy is spirit, and spirit is everything".

Enjoy creation.

About The Author:

Michele Slabbert currently write articles for a number of small publications on the basic uses of herbs for everyday ailments and speaks at local nurseries informing on what she calls - The only difference between us and plants is that we have feet. She is a registered Traditional Herbalist residing on a smallholding on the West Coast of South Africa, roughly 60 km's from Cape Town. Michele battles 2 climate zones, one semi desert and the other the tail end of a Mediterranean climate. Everything grows very slowly there and all northern hemisphere herbs are grown under shade cloth - the herbs can't manage the intense dry heat of midsummer. She practices organic and companion planting makes all her own compost, fertilizers and what she calls pest confusers. She tends towards planting herbs with vegetables, much to the annoyance of the family. Herbs, vegetables and flowers are grown side by side because they live in an area where Pandora left her box and little pests are still crawling out. Michele lives in the middle of the wild flower area and to date has identified over 130 wild flowers (many are still under research). These are all researched for possible medicinal, edible etc. uses. Michele's grandmother, who was born in Cape Town, was a practicing herb woman in the twenties and Michele grew up with lots of "herbal lore." E-mail the author at herbemp(at)

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