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In the Garden Guides' Garden Pest Control section, you will find information on the management and control of all sorts of typical garden pests, including diseases, insects (bugs), animals, and more - everything that can threaten or damage the health of your plants, flowers, and garden. Check our list of Common Garden Pests for comprehensive information on the characteristics of some of the most troublesome garden pests and how to get rid of them. Look under Garden Pest Tips for more detailed articles, tips, and techniques on pest control and elimination, including biological and organic control methods. And our handy Garden Pest Quick-Reference Charts provide detailed comparisons on pest-deterrent herbs and beneficial insects for your garden.

Common Garden Pests

Do any of these common pests sound familiar? Select a link below for detailed pest control information on some of these banes to gardeners everywhere. There's no better way to protect your the flowers and plants in your garden.

Garden Pest Tips

Garden Pest Quick-Reference Charts

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