Favorite Pickles and Relishes

Favorite Pickles and Relishes

Favorite Pickles and Relishes book cover

A-91; 32 pages; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; Paperback.

Learn to make sweet and savory pickles and relishes

Whether sweetly piquant, mouth-puckeringly sour, or flaming hot and pungent, pickles and relishes bring zest to the table. They enliven mundane meals, brighten salads, add panache to picnics and potluck suppers, and make very special gifts. And with modern methods, it takes just a few hours in the kitchen to transform the seasonal bounty of your garden into a year-round source of pickled delicacies.

The difference between a good pickle or relish and a great one is usually the freshness of the ingredients. In this bulletin, you'll learn how to select the best ingredients and equipment while avoiding common mistakes. Helpful pickling tips and a 'What Went Wrong?' chart will guide you through the process. Dozens of delicious recipes cover everything from sweet and sour, dill, and bread and butter pickles to pickled fruits and vegetables and mouthwatering relishes and chutneys to complement every meal.

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