Aphrodite's Favorite Blossom: The Rose

Aphrodite's Favorite Blossom: The Rose

by Marilyn Cameron


Prized for centuries for their beauty and as a source of perfume, roses are probably the world's most widely cultivated ornamental plants.

Many traditions tell of the first Rose. The Arabs believed the first Rose to have sprung from a drop of sweat from the brow of Mohamet. In Christian tradition, the original Rose grew in the Garden of Eden. It had no thorns. A flower of pure beauty, it gave only pleasure and never hurt. The thorns were added after man's fall.

The Persian poets tell us that the first Rose bloomed in Gulistan at the time the flowers demanded from Allah a new sovereign, because the drowsy lotus would slumber at night.

The old Greeks, fabled the Rose to have once been a nymph, who, roused from sleep by a kiss from Apollo, transformed herself into the flower. For the Greeks, the Rose symbolized love, and beauty and they dedicated it to Aphrodite.

One legend tells how, at first the beautiful Rose was snowy white, until the nightingale, falling into such ecstasy of love over her charms, and disregarding the thorns that tore his breast, pressed his beating heart against her soft petals, from the crimson flood of his wounds, dyed her white bosom red.

As a heaven sent flower, the Rose is the most frequently mentioned flower in legend of the saints. One of these tells how a maiden, unjustly accused of wrong doing, was condemned to be burned to death. As the flames were about to be lit, she called to God to deliver her and make her innocence clear to all men. As soon as the flames leapt around her, they were suddenly extinquished, the wood turning into freshly sprouting Rose bushes. Those pieces not yet alight showing pure white blooms, those already kindled glowing with crimson blooms. Since then the Rose has been the emblem of christian martyrdom.

The stories, both romantic, and mystical, must number in the thousands, yet the Rose retains the secret of her mysterious origin, just like love!

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About the Author Marilyn Cameron is a writer, trained in Theatre Arts, a commissioned Playwright, and founder of many Community Theatre projects. She now writes about Nature for Children, Walks in Scotland, and Community Theatre Arts and Mythology at Themestream. Marilyn writes Community Drama Workshops at Suite 101. Marilyn has been writing since she was fourteen and since giving up the active side of Theatre, gives her time to writing. The author lives in a beautiful area of Scotland, Glenelg, which is on the Sound of Sleat, and spends a lot of time in her dreamy mountains and shores of home. Marilyn Cameron is also the happy Mum of a son and daughter and Grandmother to three grandchildren. E-mail the author at Marilyn.Cameron(at)btinternet.com.

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