Grow the Best Strawberries

Grow the Best Strawberries

Grow the Best Strawberries book cover

A-190; 32 pages; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; Paperback.

Remember the strawberries of your childhood, dew-covered and fresh-picked early in the morning and served with shortcake and whipped cream in the evening? Can you recapture that flavor? Sure you can — but not with store-bought berries. Find out how to grow baskets of strawberries full of flavor, even in small spaces.

About the Author:
The late Louise Riotte is the author of many books, including Roses Love Garlic, Carrots Love Tomatoes, Astrological Gardening, Sleeping with a Sunflower, and Catfish Ponds and Lily Pads. She lived in Oklahoma.

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