Building Bat Houses

Building Bat Houses

Building Bat Houses book cover

A-178; 32 pages; 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"; Paperback.

Did you know that the course of a summer, a colony of Big Brown Bats will consume 38,000 cucumber beetles, 16,000 June bugs, 19,000 stinkbugs, and 50,000 leafhoppers while preventing 18 million corn rootworms from ever seeing the light of day by consuming the beetle stage of this insect pest? In this booklet you'll learn about a bat's role as an insect predator, pollinator and seed disperser. Also includes:

  • Plans and design details for several types of bat houses
  • Ideas for attracting bats
  • Tips on sealing your home against bats

And much more!

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