The Year In Trees

The Year In Trees - Gardening Book

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The Year In Trees
Superb Woody Plants for Four-Season Gardens

by Kim E. Tripp
and J. C. Raulston

ISBN 0-88192-521-7
274 pp, 206 color photos, 7 3/8 x 10 3/8", paperback

This enthusiastic survey is a collaboration between the late J. C. Raulston, a towering figure in American horticulture, and Kim Tripp, now vice president for horticulture and living collections at the New York Botanical Garden. Each of the 150 plant portraits extols the virtues of the plant, gives cultural and propagation information, and offers advice on creative garden possibilities, all based on the authors' experience. Equally suitable for novices and the keenest of gardeners.


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