Woodswalk: What You'll See, Hear and Smell when exploring the woods

Woodswalk: What You'll See, Hear and Smell when exploring the woods - Gardening Book

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What you see, hear, and smell when exploring the woods.

by Henry W. Art and Michael W. Robbins

ISBN: 1580174523
paperback; 128 pages; 7 x 9-1/2
ages 8-12

Kids love to be outdoors, to spend time wandering down leaf-carpeted paths, turning over rocks, and experiencing the different textures of moss, tree bark, and prickly shrubs. Written by an expert naturalist, WOODSWALK offers guided tours for all four seasons and all regions of North America, highlighting special creatures, conditions, and events every step of the way. Aspiring young naturalists will learn how to see beyond their own noses, "read" the woods for signs of the presence of animals, interpret sounds, and identify odors. They will also be instructed what NOT to touch or taste in the wold.

With enough identification information on trees, terrain, plants, and wildlife for a hundred walks in the woods, this book is the complete first primer for the inquisitive young naturalist. Includes a cut-off, pocket-sized leaf and tree spy guide.

About the Authors

HENRY W. ART is director of the Williams College Center for Environmental Studies and director of the Hopkins Memorial Forest. He is the author of several books, including Storey's A Garden of Wildflowers.

MICHAEL W. ROBBINS was formerly editor-in-chief of Audubon magazine. He is the author of Birds: A Family Field Guide.

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