The Well-Tended Perennial Garden

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden - Gardening Book

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The Well-Tended Perennial Garden
Planting and Pruning Techniques

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by Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Media Reviews

"In spite of the fact that this book is chock full of important information, it is an easy read with its chatty style and humorous comments: in fact, it's just like listening to Tracy speak. This book is certainly at the top of my list."

— Ohio Landscapers Assn. Newsletter

"Most impressive is the extensive encyclopedia of perennials which, drawing principally on her own field experiences, focuses on pruning and maintenance practices. Beth Ann Daye's line drawings and the author's color photos enhance the clarity of the text and make this book invaluable for both home gardeners and professionals. "

— Publishers Weekly

"This whole book is great..."

— Jennifer Brenna & Rommy Lopat, The Weedpatch Gazette, Spring 1998

"A useful and easily referenced guide."

— Lynn Harnett, Herald Sunday (Portsmouth,NH), April 26, 1998

"...this is the best book ever on the maintenance of perennials, with detailed discussions of deadheading, pinching, disbudding and pruning."

— John Van de Water, The Star-Ledger, April 5, 1998

"...a convenient reference for gardeners of all abilities. She ... provides a formula that should not fail to make a gardener happy."

— Myrna Dowsett, APLD News 1998

"It is the most comprehensive coverage of plants’ needs I have ever found. I can’t find anything to fault in this splendid book."

— Jean S. Wexler, Vineyard Gazette (Martha’s Vineyard, MA), May 22, 1998

"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden will be a boon for the serious flower gardener, and offers valuable information to anyone interested in creating and keeping a healthy, beautiful garden."

— Charles King, Castro Valley Forum, May 13, 1998

"Her writing style is conversational, and it is uncanny how she has anticipated each question that occurs to you."

— The Green Scene, September 1998

"Her writing style is conversational, and it is uncanny how she has anticipated each question that occurs to you. My shelves are heavy with books about perennials but none containing as much practical advice useful for the home gardener as well as the professional installer of borders."

— The Green Scene, September 1998

"Perennials require work. Tracy DiSabato Aust is one of the first perennial experts to focus a book on the hard work but in a way that gives the work a clear purpose, even an esthetic goal. This book should be in the collection of every gardener who wants the perennial garden to look its very best...from week to week, season to season, and year to year. "

— David W. Kramer, Plant Science Bulletin

"Whether you are a first-time caretaker of perennials or have been using these plants for years, her book is sure to be of interest."

— Madeleine Wilde, Kirkland Courier, August 1, 1998

"This book is chock full of important information, (and) it is an easy read with its chatty style and humorous comments."

— Perennial Plants, Summer 1998

"This book is chock full of important information, (and) it is an easy read with its chatty style and humorous comments. This book is certainly at the top of my list."

— Perennial Plants, Summer 1998

"I’ll definitely find room on my overstuffed shelf for this one."

— The Oregonian, December 10, 1998

"Finally a book that focuses on the nitty-gritty of caring for perennial flowers."

— George Weigel, Sunday Patriot News, (Harrisburg, PA ), December 13, 1998

"[The book] has plant by plant maintenance tips, a whole section of lists that help you know which plants get what care, and a load of great perennial growing advice. You’re perennials will thank you."

— George Weigel, Sunday Patriot-News, November 8, 1998

"This is the book of the year for anyone who gardens with perennials."

— Boston Globe, Year’s Best Garden Books, December 3, 1998

"This may be the first book to concentrate on planting and pruning perennials."

— Sharon Wootton, The Herald, (Everett, Washington), December 13, 1998

"Both her academic and hands-on approaches to gardening offer the reader rare insights into proven pruning and propagation techniques for garden perennials…A valuable addition to the library of serious perennial gardeners."

— Don Burns, San Mateo County Times, November 28, 1998

"[The Well Tended Perennial Garden] is undoubtedly the most detailed treatise I’ve read on the subject of perennial care…[Ms. DiSabato-Aust’s] advice comes from her heart…and hands. She is an avid gardener herself and there is no second-hand information here."

— Jimmy Williams, The Paris Post-Intelligencer, October 1, 1998

"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden champions the shift toward plant-rich gardens, but it seemed at first glance a book for compulsive tidiers, and I worried the book would send people rushing back to the modernist garden. As I thumbed through the pages, however, I was pleased to find a wealth of practical information to allow a lazy gardener such as myself to have it all, and still find time for an outdoor cocktail party or two. The Well-Tended Perennial Garden remains an indispensable guide to the dos and don’ts of keeping an herbaceous collection in tip-top shape. "

— Colston Burrell, Horticulture, February 1, 2000

"Perennial gardeners will benefit from The Well Tended Perennial Garden by Tracy Di-Sabato Aust. Line drawings, 131 color photographs and excellent descriptions tell how to pinch, cut back, thin and deadhead to remove old flowers."

— Kathy Van Mullekom, Daily News, (Newport News, VA ), December 1998

"Hands-on advice that gardeners of all experience levels will find valuable."

— Organic Gardening, January/February 1999

"Not only are the instructions easy to follow, but the reasoning behind them is clearly explained with the use of colour plates and simple diagrams."

— Judith Dadswell, Hardy Plant Society (UK), Autumn 1998

"A ‘must’ for novice gardeners and offers a wealth of useful, practical, and occasionally inspiring insights for professional gardeners as well."

— Midwest Book Review, February 1, 2000

"A book destined to become as indispensable in the garden as the trowel. This is a book to help professional and amateur gardeners create the garden of their dreams."

— Natalie Walsh, Daily Gazette, July 22, 1999

"The guesswork is gone! DiSabato-Aust gives us a guide to the picture perfect garden like those featured in magazines. And the author makes us feel it is well withing the realm of pssibility."

— Grow Line, August 1999

"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by Tracy DiSabato-Aust is one of the best books on the subject of perennials available today... an incredibly useful work."

— Lynette Walther, Palatka Daily News, March 8, 2000

"It is a book to read now. Good information, great detail."

— Judy Glattstein, The Home Monthly, March 1998

"A must-have for garden lovers everywhere."

— The Times . . . at the Jersey Shore, June 29, 2000

"A wonderful book for the perennial gardener."

— Catherine Wallberg, Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops, March 2000

"I was convinced my library was complete - until I opened this book and began to read . . . This well-used book will have a permanent spot on my bookshelf for many years to come."

— Marilyn Dube, Hobby Greenhouse, Summer 2000

"If you're into perennials, you need Tracy DiSabato-Aust's book, especially for her lists of hundreds of flowers grouped by their maintenance needs."

— John Van de Water, The Star Ledger, June 14, 2000

"Serious gardeners and plant lovers will be enthralled."

— Library Journal, December 2000

"Hands-on advice that gardeners of all experience levels will find valuable."

— Karan Davis Cutler, Organic Gardening, January/February 1999

"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden should be part of every perennial library. "

— Bill Funkhouser, Perennial Notes, XV, No. 2 2000

"This is not just another pretty picture book on perennial flowers, although the author’s photos are superb. What you will find is a twofer, i.e., a comprehensive guide to growing perennials and a really good encyclopedia on perennials. And… It is truly a bargain considering how much good information is packed into one book. "

— The Holmes Runner 2001

"This excellent resource offers extensive in-depth instructions on pruning, dividing, deadheading, pinching, and other maintenance techniques for specific perennials."

— Library Journal, December 2000

"This is a book that takes you step by step through your favorite perennials, detailing what you need to do to have them in peak performance all season. "

— Natalie Walsh, The Sunday Gazette

"The book dishes out large amounts of practical advice."

— Stephen F. Pategas, Ornamental Outlook, June 2000

"I’ve never seen a book quite like this . . . Highly recommended."

— Pappus, 20(2), Summer 2001

"This book will show both amateur and professional gardeners how to give their perennials the kind of care that will allow them to look their best."

— Daily Times-Longmont, CO, May 12, 2001

"The Well-Tended Perennial Garden covers everything to create your own successful perennial Mecca . . . I recommend this book."

— Deborah Mills, Ventura County Sunday Star, June 3, 2001


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