The Wildflower Book East of the Rockies

The Wildflower Book East of the Rockies - Gardening Book

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The Wildflower Book East of the Rockies
The Complete Guide to Growning and Identifying Wildflowers

by Donald and Lillian Stokes

ISBN 0316817864
95 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, Paperback

Identify your favorite wildflowers-and grow them in your own backyard!

Bring the romance and beauty of wildflowers into your life-with the Stokes Wildflower Book. This comprehensive guide, illustrated throughout with magnificent color photographs, tells you all you need to know to identify, cultivate, and enjoy wildflowers in your own yard. The book covers everything from fascinating wildflower lore to techniques for conserving plants native to the eastern region of North America. You'll learn:

  • How to create wildflower meadows and woodland wildflower gardens
  • What wildflowers to grow to attract birds and butterflies
  • How to dry wildflowers and to make dried or fresh-cut flower arrangements
  • How to conserve water through xeriscaping
  • How to add wildflowers to your perennial garden

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