Wild Cactus

Wild Cactus - Gardening Book

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Wild Cactus

Photography: George H. H. Huey
Text: Rose Houk

ISBN 1885183208
127 pages
full-color photographs; Hardcover.

Wild Cactus provides an alluring look at one of the most sensual, intriguing groups of plants on earth. Prickly pear, cholla, organ pipe, hedgehog, cardon - the names of cacti are as curious as their shapes, and their ingenious adaptations to unique environments represent astounding responses to the natural world.

Rose Houk writes an evocative, passionate account of these fascinating plants - exploring not only natural history secrets but Native American folklore, ancient culinary and medicinal uses, and current conservation issues. She also includes a helpful section on propagation and cultivation for those who want to grow their own cactus.

Breathtaking photographs by nature photographer George Huey richly illustrate the jewel-like splendor and exotic drama of wild cactus.

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