Why We Garden

Why We Garden - Gardening Book

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Why We Garden

by Jim Nollman
312 pages; Softcover

This book is full of helpful tips from Jim Nollman's decades of gardening experience, plus the Zen of gardening--the sense of place and purpose, what tending the land means to us.

Nollman's view of gardening is spiritual, expressing an abiding concern for the natural order of things and discomfort with the reigning philosophy among enthusiasts who seek to control nature in order to achieve an aesthetic landscape. When Nollman generously shares his observations on "plant personalities" or ventures forth on unorthodox types of gardens, his views are as entertaining as they are instructive. The "biocentric" approach reflected here is about a fundamental connection with nature that transforms the act of gardening into an adventure filled with lessons great and small. Nollman's harvest is abundant, with much to be reflected upon and all-out savored.

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