Take One Tomato

Take One Tomato - Gardening Book

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Take One Tomato
and create an unforgettable taste sensation

By Christine France

ISBN 1842157167
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 11.66" l x 8.98" w x 0.35" h
Weight: 0.52 kg / 1.15 lbs
Format: Paperback

The tomato is one of the best-loved and most versatile ingredients, and with this inspiring book you can create mouth-watering meals with ease. Over 80 recipes cover meals for every occasion, from sensational soups and starters and delicious main meals to essential side dishes and classic salsas and breads. Make traditional favourites from around the world such as Gazpacho with Avocado Salsa, Romanian Kebabs, and Marinated Monkfish with Tomato Coulis, or add a touch of Mexican magic to a meal with Classic Tomato Salsa. From the delights of beefsteak tomatoes to the depths of sun-dried, there are ideas for every meal and occasion.

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