Step By Step Organic Flower Gardening

Step By Step Organic Flower Gardening - Gardening Book

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Step By Step Organic Flower Gardening

ISBN 0060169966
302 pages; 8 X 10
Author: Shepherd Ogden

An increasing number of gardeners continue to turn to organic gardening methods to avoid the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Now Shepherd Ogden, renowned gardener and author of Step by Step Organic Vegetable Gardening, turns his widely regarded expertise to the essentials of planting and growing healthy flowers without chemicals.

Step by Step Organic Flower Gardening concentrates on timely and important issues, including how to select flowers and determine the best locations for them, the best natural methods for composting, soil preparation, and disease and pest control, as well as up-to-date planting and cultivation techniques. He offers in-depth information on growth patterns, biological structure, plant propagation, how to modify growth, and more. An entire glossary section is devoted to naming a wide range of plants that any home flower gardener might want to grow, including useful data on seed germination and season of bloom.

As always, Ogden provides the gardener with simple explanations of complicated subjects, handsomely illustrated and photographed in an informative step-by-step method. Shepherd Ogden's vast knowledge of safe and effective gardening techniques, combined with eloquent presentation and instruction, make Step by Step Organic Flower Gardening a vital resource for chemical-free gardening.

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