Spring Snow

Spring Snow - Gardening Book

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Spring Snow

by Castle Freeman, Jr.

Hardcover; 167 pages

Four and a half million people read The Old Farmer's Almanac each year, and for a long time now the "Farmer's Calendar" essays of Castle Freeman, Jr., have been a prominent feature. Freeman delights in rural existence through every season of the year, observing and participating in what happens inside the countryman's mind and outside it. He has something to say about all aspects of modern country life, from Rototillers and chain saws to rabbits and raccoons, from day lilies to maple sugar, from snow on the roof to mice in the woodpile. He finds much in nature to draw a moral from: "Woodpeckers make other birds look like triflers. Their lives have a complexity and purpose that remind us of ourselves." Writing in the parallel traditions of Gilbert White and Benjamin Franklin, Freeman evokes a way of life that accommodates both nature and humanity, sufficiently challenging to be exciting, sufficiently quiet to be philosophical, sufficiently varied to be fun.

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