The Soups of France

The Soups of France - Gardening Book

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The Soups of France

By Lois Anne Rothert
Photographs by Don Smith

ISBN 0811833429
9-5/8 x 10 in; 224 pp ; 75 color photographs; hardcover

In France, a nation of small villages, an incredible variety of soups have evolved over time, with cherished family recipes handed down from generation to generation. The Soups of France uncovers those recipes, many still enjoyed today, others long forgotten. From famed Pot-au-Feu and Bouillabaisse to Baratxuri Salda, a spicy Basque broth of garlic, sausage, and red pepper, and the Dordogne’s Sobronade, ham and bean soup, each of the 90-plus recipes celebrates a melting pot of flavor. Rich with glorious photographs illustrating the lush countryside, quaint villages, and vibrant marketplaces, The Soups of France is a delightful culinary ramble. A labor of love on an art the French take for granted, this is a treasure no true collection of cookery books should be without.

About the Author
Lois Anne Rothert is the founder of duJour, an Indiana restaurant of French-influenced cuisine. She has spent the last ten years collecting the many soup recipes served at the restaurant and travelling the French countryside in search of their origins.

Don Smith is a photographer, film editor, and producer. He is professor of film and video at Columbia College in Chicago and lives on Pretty Lake in northeast Indiana.

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