Paradise Contained

Paradise Contained - Gardening Book

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Paradise Contained
Growing and decorating with flower bulbs

ISBN 0385411952
96 pages; 8 X 10
Authors: William Stites, Kathryn George, and Mary Sears

Growing bulbs indoors brings the elegance of beautiful flowers to your home. These bulbs -- daffodils and hyacinths, tulips and lilies of the valley -- have vivid color, fresh fragrance, and natural warmth that enhances rooms.

Forcing bulbs to flower indoors is one of the easiest and most amiable ways to garden. No skills are necessary -- only water, a cool, dark place, and a little patience. Bulbs have a thrifty nature; each one already contains all it needs to survive. And many bulbs, such as amaryllis, will flower year after year.

Throughout the pages of this book, color photos offer suggestions for decorating with flowering bulbs in just about every room of the house.

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